Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Modern Indoor Plant Installation

Everything Grows just installed a beautiful modern plant and container set for commercial office building lobbies in San Jose.  The space has polished cement floors, cream colored walls, and natural wood accents.  The matte black finish on the containers and the bright green foliage of the live plants really pops in the minimalist environment.  

The above ficus lyrata looks fantastic in its matte black cylinder on the polished concrete floor

Here we have a nice grouping of three, the smallest is a Dracaena Lemon Lime, medium is a Philodendron Selloum, and the largest plant is a Draceana Compacta

Above are sansevieria laurentii in three tall back cylinders making a bold statement against the natural wood paneling on the wall.

Now is the time to upgrade your facility before all of the workers come back. Call Everything Grows for a complimentary consultation.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

A Plant For Every Desk

Everything Grows came across this great TED Talk on  "Why Every Desk At Your Office Needs a Plant" and how plants improve employee productivity.

Here is the link to the TED talk article
And here is the intro to the article.... 
Besides a paycheck and reasonable hours, what else does a person need to thrive at work? Decent space, adequate supplies and tools? Yes. Lunch breaks, sick days, time off to recharge? Sure. A plant? Well ...

Such an idea had never occurred to engineer Mike Robinson. He owns a small company based in British Columbia, Canada, that designs and builds windbreaks and other control structures. One day, his wife, Suzanne, who runs the company with him, said: "I think we should give every person in the office a plant for their desk."

Robinson was skeptical. He thought that plants would be distracting and a drain on people's time. "The average staff member would probably spend about five minutes a day either looking after the plant or admiring it," as he puts it in a TEDxWhiteRock talk. Upon his wife's insistence, however, he agreed to give it a try.

He and Suzanne bought 20 plants for their 20 employees. Then, they did something a bit different. Instead of handing them out, they asked each employee to approach the tableful of plants and choose their own - but from the perspective of the plant.

Think of it like a human-plant speed-date. Robinson explains, "So you have to put yourself in the spot of the plant, as it were, and say, 'Which person do I want to be my new friend?'" Employees then received a small sign on which they wrote 'My friend is ...' and their own name, stuck it in the soil, and brought it into their personal workspace.

Over time, Robinson realized that the plants were having a positive impact. He says, "I did my own mathematics, and I reckoned that we might be doing about 30 percent more business per staff [member]." Of course, this is far from a scientific study. There's no control group or double-blind - just a company filled with happy plant lovers excelling at their jobs. And maybe that's enough.

Another sign that something is going right: After 5 years, not a single plant has died. Robinson guesses that since each was hand-selected and bears the employee's name on the label, they're well-tended because "this is your friend and you care about your friend." As he explains, "Our office is a more contented place, a relaxed place, and a place that I'm proud to be to be a part of, and a big part of that is the personal plant."

But what plant is right for your desk? Perhaps you've gotten one and felt the warm glow of human-plant friendship - only to see it wither before your eyes. We asked Rebecca Bullene, New York City horticulturist, cofounder of Greenery Unlimited and the person who designed and tends the greenery at the TED NYC offices, to recommend hardy plants for different light conditions. Note: Almost all of these plants are available in desktop sizes, but if you want them to stay that way, you will need to prune them. 
Are you ready for plants in your office to improve Employee productivity?  Contact Everything Grows today for a complimentary consultation on the best plant choices for your work space. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Green Roofs

 We came across this article with photos of impressive green roofs and wanted to share it with you:

 The Acros Fukuoka Prefectural Hall in Japan

The Vendee History Museum in Les Lucs-Sur, Boulogne France
The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco
Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus Denmark

Gap's Headquarters in San Bruno California

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

New Indoor Plants in Oakland

 Everything Grows installed these indoor plants in model homes in Oakland. They really made the space warm and inviting.  

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Beautiful Plant Installation

 Everything Grows completed a new indoor plant installation today in San Francisco.   See the photos below.

Are you ready for lush live plants to enhance your indoor space?  Contact Everything Grows today for a free no obligation design and proposal to add plants to your workspace.