Friday, August 17, 2018

Hand Blown Tillandsia Bowl

Tillandsia air plants pull moisture out of the air to survive.  They are great in terrariums and bowls like the one pictured below which we recently installed for a customer located in Pleasanton, CA.  In humid areas, tillandsias do fine on their own, but in the San Francisco Bay Area and indoor office environments, they will need an occasional spritz of water to survive.

Hand blown glass bowl with rock and air plants

This arrangement is a variety of tillandsias placed on a bed of pebbles.  The vase is hand blown glass molded over a piece of burled wood.  The vase rests freely on the wood and you can see burn marks on the wood where the glass blower pressed the glass against it to mold the glass around the wood.    

Everything Grows has all kinds of custom containers so if you would like something unique for your office space contact us and  we would happy to provide a no cost design consultation.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Rhapis Palm from Hawaii

Rhapis palms are a beautiful addition to your interior foliage.  They need good indirect light and plenty of water and do well in our San Francisco Bay Area indoor environments.   In the tropics they are prolific as you can see by this picture of a group of rhapis in an open air atrium in Kailua-Kona Hawaii.  

Rhapis in Hawaii thriving in humid environment

Here is a medium size rhapis palm that we place and care for, bringing a little of the tropics to your work space:

Medium size rhapis palm
Everything Grows places rhapis palms as large as 10-12 feet tall.  We select the highest quality Hawaiian grown rhapis so they are long lasting and look great in your office space.
Contact us if you are interested in placing rhapis or any indoor plants in your workspace. We provide excellent care for the plants and guarantee that they will always look good while under our care or we replace them for no charge!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Crotons in the Wild

We had a chance to go to Hawaii to visit some of our growers and see many tropical plants in their native environment.   Below are pictures of Crotons both in the potted form that we place indoors, and in the wild in Hawaii glowing outdoors.  It is amazing to see how big and beautiful they are in warm humid weather.  These plants do great indoors in bright light which keeps the foliage colorful with orange, red and yellow hues.  

In the wilds of Hawaii:

 And tamed for indoor table tops:

Contact Everything Grows today if you are considering crotons or other beautiful interior plants for your workspace. Have one of our designers provide a complementary plant design followed with our amazing plant care from our expertly trained plant care technicians.  We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area.