Monday, June 25, 2018

DIY Vertical Garden

Designed as part of the Ikea Lab idea development program, the Growroom is an open source vertical garden. It is designed specifically to be effective in small urban spaces. The Sphere-shaped structure’s design allows light and water to reach every level of the garden while still providing shade and shelter for visitors within.
This can help communities to become more agriculturally self-sustainable. In other countries such as the Netherlands a leading supermarket has created an in store herb garden, so that customers can pick their own herbs.

As a part of the Growrooms goal of increasing local food sustainability, local makers only need the basic tools to construct the garden. The entire structure is made from plywood, a material that is fairly easily accessed.

Here is the link to the complete article on how to build your own grow room:

Steps to install your own DIY Vertical Garden

Everything Grows does not construct Growrooms but this was something that we wanted to post for an eco friendly structure that can be a helpful DIY. Below is a photo of an indoor green wall that Everything Grows provides.

Vertical Plant Wall Installed by Everything Grows
Contact Everything Grows today if you are ready for the benefits of beautiful interior plants in your workspace. We service the entire San Francisco Bay Area, with our expertly trained plant care technicians taking Amazing care of the plants in your facility.


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