Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Latest Office Trends For 2016

The Beaux-Arts Group has posted another great blog on the latest trends for the office this year and we were delighted to see that it included indoor plants!

“A look at the hottest office trends of 2016 gives us a sense of how firms are adapting to meet the needs of mobility and better attract millennials while keeping an eye on efficient use of real estate space.

The beginning of the year is a great time to assess the office landscape and determine whether improvement to layout, materials, or color might have a positive impact on your company.

As design executive Joan Blumfeld notes, it’s critical in today’s work world to embrace flexibility. It’s clear that employees will thrive when they are given access to different types of spaces, especially if the general layout is an open floor plan. You also want to generally consider access to natural light and plants as well, since both of those elements have been proven repeatedly to improve mood and cognition.

Other than those basic parameters, what office trends do designers believe will be particularly dominant this year?

Indoor Plants for Offices


In an office setting, you can end up with electronics cluttering up the feel of a space if you aren’t careful, notes designer Scott Lesizza. “Between wires, laptops and other electronic devices, to docking stations, paperwork and personal items, there are many things that can make a room full of open desks appear very disorganized,” he says. Consider choosing furniture that pays special attention to concealing these elements.


The patterns on materials are becoming increasingly natural. Businesses are also starting to install more living walls so that plants are built into the environment more prominently. Plus, in the interest of employee comfort, designers increasingly want office space to feel like home.


What about color? You may be familiar with the notion of a statement piece in jewelry: often a necklace, this piece draws the eye and gives the general look of an outfit a natural focal point. Jewel is used by many designers in a similar manner, as a sort of “statement color” to draw the eye and give an otherwise neutral room a more high-end ambience.


Many offices are introducing smaller areas for discussion. These alternate areas to which people can go to escape the din of the open office are considered necessary by many professionals. “Private booths and other innovative work spaces are increasingly popular for one-on-one collaboration,” explains Inc.

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