Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Indoor Plants Are Good for Your Health

Plants are able to help clean the air. They help to reduce pollutants such as ozone during the day. At night, thanks to photosynthesis, they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This process also increases the local humidity, forcing toxins and other airborne volatiles to settle so you don't have to breathe them the next day.

Plants also have the ability to change the levels of stress in an environment. In 1996, a study revealed the benefit of plants in the workplace to help control stress and increase productivity. Then in 2006, a rather remarkable study showed how plants in hospital rooms could actually help patients heal faster. Though the majority of reasons were psychological, the molecular contributions should not be ignored.

There may be another advantage to having plants in the room, though the benefit is not chemical, but microbial. In a study published last month, an international team of researchers unveiled the hidden microscopic benefits of having plants in the room. Based on their findings, plants contribute to a strong microbial diversity indoors and may help to keep the locker room effect at bay.

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