Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More Positive Research on Office Plants

Additional research has once again shown that there are many benefits of plants 
in the workplace. This particular article focuses on the Green versus Lean office 

The cost of doing business
became more difficult to 
maintain during the hard
economic times. Spending 
cuts were made on 
nonessential items, such as 
ornamental plants. It was 
believed that a lean office 
space free of plants and 
other items that were not 
related to the tasks at hand 
were not only cost effective, 
but also less distracting for 
employees. Without these distractions, employees could be focused on business 
operations and productivity would go up.   

However, research has shown that this belief is not the case. In fact, information 
from Green versus Lean office space shows that people were more productive 
when their work environment was enriched by office plants. The results show 
employees were more likely to interact, making it more enjoyable to be at work, 
giving a positive impact on their satisfaction of the workplace. This feeling of well 
being is conducive to concentration and productivity. As a matter of fact, in a 
green workplace less mistakes were made and productivity increased by fifteen 

Just another reason why a green office is the top office!

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